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Boardgame Review: Pandemic – The Cure

As Christmas approaches I guess now is an opportune time to remind people that last year I listed a number of great boardgames that people might seriously be glad to get in their Christmas stockings. Like my friend Lloyd, I … Continue reading

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Boardgame Review: King of Tokyo, a B Movie Godzilla-style Epic in thirty minutes!

I think the first thing I noticed about King of Tokyo was the attractive box art, which perfectly encapsulated the theme of the game. At thirty pounds it is not cheap, but the production quality is high. This game is a celebration of the Godzilla “monster eats Tokyo” B movie genre, and a good one. Continue reading


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The Kraken Wakes! An interview with Fabian Kuechler.

Many readers of my blog are also gamers, and know the important role roleplaying games and boardgames play in my life. In this the first of an occasional series of interviews with people I know I am talking to Fabian Keuchler, who for many years was involved with running the fabled TENTACLES roleplaying game convention in Germany, which focussed on Glorantha, Call of Cthulhu and Chaosium games. At the time I approached Fabian for the interview he was planning the TENTACLES-successor event, named The KRAKEN – because “after all the Tentacles appear you see the Kraken”, as he says in his press release! Owing to work pressures on my part I missed the gaming scoop of breaking news of the new event, but I am delighted to now post my interview with Fabian. Continue reading

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Boardgame Review: Settlers of Catan

Another review with a link to a free on-line version of the game –.if you like games, and are bored with Monopoly, Risk, and Cluedo (I’m not a great fan) this is a fun and fairly simple game playable in an hour to an hour and a half. And it is a really good one, a real classic. Five out of five as far as I’m concerned! In fact I would say even if boardgames are not your thing, then like Ticket to Ride this is a game well worth buying anyway. Continue reading

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Boardgame Review: Ticket to Ride Europe

OK, so this year for Christmas I took a huge risk and bought Becky a boardgame Ticket To Ride Europe. I am happy to say this proved to be an excellent choice! If you enjoy games, whether a hard-core gamer, or are just someone who likes to play something with friends other than Chess or Bridge or Strip Poker from time to time, I’d seriously consider buying this game. Even if you normally don’t like games, give it a go! And do read the review – because I include details on how you can try it out from the comfort of your own pc for free… Continue reading

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