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Boardgame Review: Pandemic – The Cure

As Christmas approaches I guess now is an opportune time to remind people that last year I listed a number of great boardgames that people might seriously be glad to get in their Christmas stockings. Like my friend Lloyd, I … Continue reading

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Review: Truth on Consequences

OK, so what happened? Well about a month ago, having paid up front in July, I suddenly realised I had best sign up for some games. I chose Starship Aries, a Star Trek style game, Dulce et decorum est (set in 1938 during the Munich Crisis), Midsummer Mischief based upon the characters of PG Wodehouse, Gallery of Shades a Cthulhu game set in the 1920’s and Come Hel or Hiawatha, a game set in Viking Vinland. There were many many more games, Tolkien inspired, Science Fiction – the space marines were very colourful to look at, and even some games set in Zelazny’s fantasy worlds of Amber. Hugh played a cyberpunk game Marlowe 2020, and a different one, Collision Imminent, set on a spaceship (he had a great time in both!) Continue reading


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Boardgame Review: Ticket to Ride Europe

OK, so this year for Christmas I took a huge risk and bought Becky a boardgame Ticket To Ride Europe. I am happy to say this proved to be an excellent choice! If you enjoy games, whether a hard-core gamer, or are just someone who likes to play something with friends other than Chess or Bridge or Strip Poker from time to time, I’d seriously consider buying this game. Even if you normally don’t like games, give it a go! And do read the review – because I include details on how you can try it out from the comfort of your own pc for free… Continue reading

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Heroquest 2.0 – the first mini-review?

It’s just gone one here, one hour since Heroquest officially became available! And here are my very first thoughts, pending a proper review later in the week, to be posted on rpg.net. I cheated, Jeff Richards gave me a copy of the pdf on Friday so I could get cracking on the review, and even with the weekend from hell behind me i have no had a chance to make a very brief first foray – full review to follow soon… Continue reading

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