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A Churchyard Story

It happened one November night in the town of Bury St. Edmunds. From Hardwick Heath to the Tollgate, from Eastgate street to Gibraltar Barracks the snow lay soft as make up on the cheek of a bride; the streets shone … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Global Pandemic (and my latest wild idea…)

It has been a long time since I last wrote: longer perhaps than it should have been. I don’t blog much any more, partly because my days are filled with things I should be doing, and I spend much of … Continue reading

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My Father: Eulogy for Gunnar Romer.

It is a year ago today since my beloved dad died in the West Suffolk Hospital. At his funeral my sister and I both delivered eulogies for dad, Gunnar Jensen Romer but the most moving thing was delivered by mum. … Continue reading

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Who Ya Gonna Call? The Problem with British Ghosthunting

This is going to be a controversial article, and is going to annoy a lot of people. It is about ghosts, and how we investigate them, and how we try to learn about the nature of paranormal phenomena. The UK … Continue reading

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The Great Gatwick UFO Mystery

So what do people think of the Gatwick UFO case? Because that is actually what it is — the alleged drone is by an unidentified flying object; the fact it is interpreted as a drone rather than aliens or Santa … Continue reading

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Peter Clark: Memories of John Francis Bull

Peter has written a moving tribute to John Bull, our friend who died on Saturday 8th July 2017, aged just 47. I reproduce it here as a guest post. “I can’t adequately express how saddened I am by John’s death. … Continue reading

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Phil Mansfield: Eulogy for John Francis Bull

A guest post, in which Phil shares his memories of a dear friend and founder member of the Nameless Anarchist Horde Bury gaming group… John Bull I have had the pleasure of knowing John since the early 80s when me … Continue reading

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Eulogy for John Francis Bull.

Today saw the funeral of my friend John Francis Bull. This was the eulogy I delivered… Two score and seven years ago John Francis Bull entered this world; and in his unassuming way, quietly and without fuss, he has now … Continue reading

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Skeptics in the Pub Cheltenham – Dean Burnett: Nervous Laughter

I think I first heard of Dean Burnett through his blog, Science Digestive, when the mainstream press covered his amusing first application for a position as an NHS Homoeopath. I read his second application first, and it had me in tears of laughter: I imagined him as a sharp, arrogant and rather cruel fellow, though clearly a comic genius, and might have thought he went to far if this was not an NHS position! I have since seen more of his job applications — if you have not read them, and i confess i have not read his application to be a psychic yet, stop and go and read them now. 🙂 Continue reading

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In Memoriam, Chris Jones; Normal Terrace will never be the same again

It was a sunny afternoon, and the Terrace looked beautiful; many of the houses had lovely floral displays, but of course that was not what attracted my attention. That was the cats! Some Cheltonians call the street, I have since learned “Cat Alley”; at any time one sees a few sleek contented moggies dozing in our little lane, safe from traffic as few cars venture down the one end of the road open to traffic, and even if they did the sheer narrowness of the lane prevents much speed. I of course chatted to the ctas – wise old Sam, the white moggy, and then Suki, a wonderful multi-coloured half Persian. And so it was I met Suki’s owner, Chris, a little old lady who stood by her gate, chatting amiably to anyone who came past. We exchnged a few words, and I decided there and then that I would move here. Continue reading

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