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UK Sceptics Newsletter

Hey chaps and chapesses, I have been meaning to share this for a while. The excellent UK Sceptics, whose forum is linked if you look on this blog have released a pdf newsletter which deserves a wider readership. You can … Continue reading

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A strange reversal of fortune

The score: I have found a Director of Studies, am confident I can find a second supervisor, and he has identified a source of funding which would allow me to start in September 2010. If I somehow come in to three and a half grand in the next few months, then I will start even sooner if I can. It’s all a bit tentative at the moment, as we have only just exchanged a few emails – I know the excellent chap in question, and I approached him and was amazed to get an immediate positive response. Am I really a good PhD candidate? Well we shall see. Continue reading

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The Problem with PhD Parapsychology Bursaries

The problem with parapsychology funding is that it always seems to require a first degree in psychology – not any other discipline. Continue reading

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