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Review: The Haunting of Alma Fielding: A True Ghost Story, by Kate Summerscale

Sometimes you should not review a book: it is a job for someone else. It was the morning of my mother’s funeral; late September 2020, bright sunlight and sudden darkness; an angry wind shouting at me as my housemates gathered … Continue reading

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RPG Review: Mars Colony, a 2 player Tabletop RPG by Tim Koppang

Can you save Mars? A 2 player RPG that is not an investigative game, and that does politics well… So this morning I found myself with the prospect of a free evening, and in a spirit of optimism I fired … Continue reading

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SPR Study Day 58 : Poltergeist Outbreaks, Then and Now. London – Halloween 2009

SPR Study Day 58 : Poltergeist Outbreaks, Then and Now

Oct 31 2009, All Day

‘Noisy spirits’ were disturbing the peace long before their naming as poltergeist effects (or even more recently as RSPK), and some unfortunate person was commonly identified as what we today would term the focus; he, or more usually she, would probably have been associated with witchcraft or demonic possession, and treated accordingly. Coming up to date, it may well turn out to be true that the raps on walls associated with these outbreaks are indeed not of this world, since acoustic analysis of paranormal raps has disclosed effects that have so far defied replication by human knuckles or other rapping mechanisms…
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