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So we tried to make a podcast!

Unfortunately our lack of planning shows, as does the absence fo the host Nautilidae and so we ended up with a very free-form, wide ranging converstion, just a chat among friends on a Saturday afternoon, and of course not necessarily well informed one! Still we gave it a go, and if you are really bored the Rational Skepticism Podcast Episode Zero can be heard here —


I’m the second voice heard after Hackenslash’s groovy theme music and his opening. Continue reading

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Are Ghosts Hallucinations?

Over at http://www.rationalskepticism.org I’m debating the poster known as Campermon, an excellent chap. So far we are just really getting started, but I thought I’d share one of my posts, just in case anyone interested… Continue reading

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Quick update and a new button!

So what goes on in my world? I’m actually quite busy – Becky is down to visit for a few days tonight, and I am very glad as an unexpected bank charge, just as mysterious as the last set, has cleared me out and i am now flat broke. I will get to the bottom of it and as before get it refunded, but it’s deeply frustrating as you can imagine. Continue reading

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