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Playing football in the park

Anyway the good news is I thought of a compromise between being sedated in the interests of public peace (and to be fair I’m usually pretty mellow when Becky is here), and wreaking horrible vengeance on seven generations of the descendants of those who serve me diet not full fat coke or the wrong meal, or give my change to someone else, or whatever else – all those annoyances were in twenty four hours, and clearly one can see why faced with such provocation was no rational alternative but disembowelling them in a Viking blood eagle or hurling them and their kin in to pits of serpents? I decided I probably needed some exercise, and to not sit around dwelling on the craving for ciggies. Continue reading


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My fortieth birthday complete with infamous game photos

OK, so I’m still recovering from a long weekend of debauchery. Well ok, I drank half a pint on Sunday night! 🙂 A good crowd of folks descended on Cheltenham, and some took part in almost everything, and some took … Continue reading

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