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Festival of Science, Cheltenham: Martin Rees on Life in the Cosmos

One thing that really shocked me was when Lord Rees pointed out that there is only 66 years from the Wright Brothers first power flight to the first men walking on the moon, some 42 years ago now. I thought for a moment that our knowledge of space may be stagnating, then I realised as Rees spoke on the tremendous achievements of those 42 years in terms of unmanned space exploration, and thought of my shock on first seeing pictures taken on Mars, and just how far our probes have gone – Voyager is now approaching the edge of the solar system. Still from Kitty Hawk to the moon in less than a single lifetime – indeed my grandmother lived through both events, and long enough to see the Pathfinder missions to Mars, yet as she once told em as a young girls she had disliked aeroplanes believing they would disturb the angels in the clouds! Continue reading

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A Logical Argument for Existence of God(s) or Goddess(es)

ad a bad day. today Beast came over and we had an enjoyable discussion on increasingly bizarre plans for “better faster cheaper” space exploration – NASA’ s current strategy in case you have not heard the phrase, culminating in a discussion of ideas for building a cheap Brunel-era tech space elevator, and I read some stuff Beast brought over on the development of the mammalian brain, and got very excited about the morphology of Eocene Lemurs. The gas man failed to show, but I slowly went down with a feverish cold and feel rubbish, and not at all with it. Therefore as I feel rough I shall attempt to offer something not too ambitious in the way of posts tonight – my old attempt at a logical proof of the existence of God seems a good start… Continue reading

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