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Age, Rage, & Coup d’Etat with Girls Aloud: or CJ the Conformist

I did once have an idea for a TV show involving Cowell. I was trying to come up with programme ideas for Ben at ITN, and Living had just done Ghosthunting With Girls Aloud, and so I suggested something on similar lines – my idea was Coup d’Etat with Girls Aloud. You know, arm them with AK-47’s, some high explosives, get Simon Cowell dressed as Che Guevara, and let them stage a coup to seize control of the Isle of Wight. Take over the Post Office – you always seize the Post Offiice, then move on to the Telephone Exchange, blow the harbour facilities nd declare independence from the UK in an act of high treason, setting up a supercapitalist rightwing anarchist/libertarian tax haven within easy reach of London. Continue reading

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