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The Myth of Compartmentalised Minds

No, not an attack on modular theories of mind. (If  you don’t know what they are, don’t worry, it’s not relevant today)… Instead I’m talking about a claim I often see levelled against Christians who believe in Evolution — that … Continue reading

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Earth Our Home: The Board Game of Life on Earth

Welcome to Earth: our Home!

For the Richarddawkins.net science writing contest this month I decided to do something a bit different, and so I have designed a board game… if you are brave enough you can print it out and play it, and if you do please please do tell me how it went! Feel free to modify or improve it as you see fit.

You can see the board, counters and some of the cards here on this article, but if you want to print and play the game, and I really hope you will, then you will find it easier to download the printer friendly zip files and print the files in there which are configured for A4 card or paper. Continue reading

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How do beliefs work? CJ gets interested

OK, I am getting interested in how beliefs work. Obviously, assuming we are not solipsists, we have two basic things – External Reality and the Person. The “compression” model suggests we create “mental shortcuts” or handy pieces of code based upon on our experience which allow us to deal efficiently with reality. So beliefs are in fact a sort of mental map imposed on the universe, a shorthand for understanding how things work. Continue reading

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Darwinism Demolition Derby!

In honour of Darwin 150, and those great men of Science the Young Earth Creationists – those who believe the world was created just a few thousand years agio in seven literal days by God – I thought it was the duty of an Evolutionist like me to join them this year in attempting to rip Evolutionary theory to shreds. 🙂 This is not a game for Creationist types – it’s actually for the rest of us to set about trying to falsify the current Evolutionary hypothesis, which we hold true. After all, as Popper pointed out, falsification is the heart of the scientific method? So let’s try and falsify Darwin! Continue reading

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Myths of Evolution

It’s the Year of Darwin, and boy am I bored with it. All the myths are being cranked out – and very little new (with some honourable exceptions — see below.) It’s also a year after I spent a lot … Continue reading

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