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I am not so fat after all???

Posted in Uninteresting to others whitterings about my life by Chris Jensen Romer on February 28, 2009

I think this deserves a quick mention. Tonight I was amused when a friend insisted the Boots weighing machine was defective – and indeed his scales claimed I weighed one stone ten pounds less than the Boots ones. Er, that is most of the weight I had mysteriosuly gained since Christmas (though not all – but I have given up smoking in the same time frame, seven weeks yesterday I think.) So I went and tried another friends scales, and they said the same as Robs. So it seems I am not so outrageously fat as I initially believed!  Well either that or playing Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition tonight caused miraculous weight loss! If so, Wizards should perhaps consider a new marketing approach?  And yes D&D 4e is a skirmish wargame/computer game wannabe really – but an excellent fun one.  You can add as much roleplaying as you like to any system after all… :)


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