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Playing football in the park

Anyway the good news is I thought of a compromise between being sedated in the interests of public peace (and to be fair I’m usually pretty mellow when Becky is here), and wreaking horrible vengeance on seven generations of the descendants of those who serve me diet not full fat coke or the wrong meal, or give my change to someone else, or whatever else – all those annoyances were in twenty four hours, and clearly one can see why faced with such provocation was no rational alternative but disembowelling them in a Viking blood eagle or hurling them and their kin in to pits of serpents? I decided I probably needed some exercise, and to not sit around dwelling on the craving for ciggies. Continue reading


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Report from the Grand Tribunal of Stonehenge: Ars Magica UK convention 2010

For anyone reading this who does not really know me well, Ars Magica is a roleplaying game set in 13th century Europe, as it was believed to be. Dragons live in the mountains, wizards study in lonely towers, and faeries haunt the forests. It’s not a computer game — it is a game played like Dungeons & Dragons by people with pencils, paper and funny shaped dice. This was the fourth annual Ars Magica convention here in the UK; I ran the first two, Neil and Sheila ran last years in Cambridge and will host the event in 2011, and there have been three now in the US as well, held the same weekend. This was the largest so far: a total of 37 people being at at least some of the event, though not all were gamers, some were guests of friends dropping in to say hi! Continue reading

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Wheelchairs, brothels and community spirit!

OK, it seems like forever since I last wrote. I stopped blogging during the election, and it has proved hard to start up again, but I suppose I will slowly get back in to it. Part of the reason is I have been so incredibly busy with the old lady down my street who I have long been friends with; we know go for an hour long walk every evening, and her cup of tea every night takes another hour, with frequent visits during the day eating up my spare time. She’s lovely but the endless phone calls as she has become forgetful do drive me mad! Still I guess this is part of the “big community” we hear so much about — I’m lucky enough to live in a street where people are very friendly, (yes, that includes very much the really nice folks from the brothel that used to be down the road till the big police raid a couple of years back — not that I ever twigged it was a brothel till the police kicked the door in, and I lived next door to it!), and spend a lot of time talking to one another and helping one another out. Continue reading

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CJ goes to the cinema: ‘Paranormal Activity’

I don’t often go to the cinema – in order I think I saw The Wizard of Oz (got scared and had to be taken out), Excalibur, Ghostbusters, Mississippi Burning, Dracula, the first Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings part one – The Fellowship of the Ring. That’s it, every film I have ever seen in my whole life at the cinema, until last night. when I went with Becky to see a film called Paranormal Activity.

I have watched about the same number of films on TV, and maybe the same again on DVD (including Star Wars, The Magnificent Seven, Battleship Potemkin, Oktober, Kind Hearts and Coronets, The Producers (original version, never seen the new one) and Dr Strangelove. I have enjoyed all these films, and maybe I should watch more; but I acknowledge that many people watch more films in a month than I have seen in my entire life, so I may be the worst person in the world to review films. However compared with the other films i have seen, let’s get one thing straight – Paranormal Activity, the film I saw last night was not very good. Continue reading

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My fortieth birthday complete with infamous game photos

OK, so I’m still recovering from a long weekend of debauchery. Well ok, I drank half a pint on Sunday night! 🙂 A good crowd of folks descended on Cheltenham, and some took part in almost everything, and some took … Continue reading

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The Bell and The Ram: Ghosthunting with GSUK

I said I’d write something about the weekend, and i guess I should, but for anyone hoping for fantastic proof of the paranormal, look elsewhere! What follows is a short account of a weekend ghost hunt that was notably devoid … Continue reading

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The Science of Ghosts: how it went, part 3

OK, I may as well get on with the review I guess! Next up was The Haunted: A social history of ghosts by Professor Owen Davies. This moved form the science of ghosts to the history and cultural construction of … Continue reading

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