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In Memoriam, Chris Jones; Normal Terrace will never be the same again

It was a sunny afternoon, and the Terrace looked beautiful; many of the houses had lovely floral displays, but of course that was not what attracted my attention. That was the cats! Some Cheltonians call the street, I have since learned “Cat Alley”; at any time one sees a few sleek contented moggies dozing in our little lane, safe from traffic as few cars venture down the one end of the road open to traffic, and even if they did the sheer narrowness of the lane prevents much speed. I of course chatted to the ctas – wise old Sam, the white moggy, and then Suki, a wonderful multi-coloured half Persian. And so it was I met Suki’s owner, Chris, a little old lady who stood by her gate, chatting amiably to anyone who came past. We exchnged a few words, and I decided there and then that I would move here. Continue reading

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