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What price a scythed chariot? Wheelchairs in Cheltenham

It’s been a long time – they say a week is a long time in politics, but politics seems to drag on interminably right now. Today I’m not talking about the Election though; I have been pushing a wheelchair bound elderly lady round Cheltenham, and I thought I’d reflect on the experience.

The lady in question is lovely – we have been friends for many years now, and she is one of my neighbours, but after a fall in which she broke her hip early this year we no longer get to go shopping together a we had for the last few years. Still she is doing well – daily visits from the physio are working wonders, and we have no access to a wheelchair arranged by another neighbour, Alison, so we can quickly run in to town when the weather is not too bad. CJ pushing a frail old lady a few hundred yards up town and back, what could possibly go wrong?

Actually quite a bit! Continue reading

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It Snowed A Little… Pictures of Cheltenham (but they could be anywhere!) In The Snow

Are you still reading this? Google returns 3,290 hits for “hot babes in bikinis” and you are still reading this? Oh I see – well 6,170,000 hits for hot men in underwear? Or even 531,000 hits for for improving sermons.?

OK you like pictures of snow. I get it.. Continue reading

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