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In Memoriam: Robert Moore, UFOlogist – 1967 – 2023.

Today is the funeral of my friend and ASSAP Vice Chair Robert Moore: UFOlogist, folklorist, and researcher. We are thinking of his friends and family and raising a glass to his memory. A number of ASSAP friends are travelling to … Continue reading

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UK Paranormal Investigation Changes Forever? The ASSAP big announcement

OK, I’m back from the ASSQP Conference, and yes this might change things forever at least for a lot of small paranormal groups. It won’t however effect anyone outside the UK, but basically, from what we were told, ASSAP, the Association for Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena has been recognised by the UK government as the Professional Body of “paranormal investigators”. That does not mean the UK Government believes in the paranormal in any way: far from it, all it means is that it recognises that “paranormal investigators” deal with potentially distressed clients, and that it is in the public interest to allow some form of self regulation of the sector.
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