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From Ricall to York: Our New Ars Magica Saga Starts

A few days ago Tom and I were chatting about how much fun it would be to start a new Ars Magica roleplaying game saga. So being CJ, this happened and quickly. Tom, Ed and I discussed the setting and decided on the Stonehenge Tribunal (roughly speaking England & Wales) and as I have long wanted to do a game which covers the Angevin/Plantagenets from Henry II through Richard, John and Henry III we decided on a start date of 1160, and a fast saga with a few years between stories. The changing of the seasons and usurpation seemed appropriate themes, and we therefore decided to go for the players as new magi arriving at a Winter covenant that had declined in to a crumbling wreck. Tom wanted to set the saga in York, and so the stage was set. Continue reading

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The Myth of the Pagan Christmas; or Why Stephen Fry was Wrong on Mythmas

Almost everyone “knows” Christmas derived from Mithraism, or Saturnalia, or Yule, or whatever. From this weak claim often follows the stronger claim Christianity is really just reinvented paganism. I strongly suspect it is a nonsense, and in this post I will explain why… It all started for me when Stephen Fry repeated on QI the old chestnut about Mithras being celebrated on December 25th, and his supposed similarities to Christ. This annoys me, and the fact that it keeps being promulgated shows a remarkable lack of critical thinking, or willingness to examine the evidence. I have briefly summarised here some of the problems with this, and provided links. Continue reading

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July 4th – My challenge to Christian America

I just noticed that it is the night of the Fourth of July, so happy Independence Day to the US readers! 🙂

And for any fundamentalist Christians, I will hereby accept your surrender of the United States of America on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and the restoration of the colonies. After all, you would not want to go against the Holy Bible would you? Continue reading

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The Story of St. Edmund

Story time! As son of a pagan Dane, from Bury St Edmunds, you can see my interest!

I wrote this years ago – in places I use Suffolk dialect, and it’s written from the perspective of someone in 1220 Bury St Edmunds….

‘This is the tale of Saint Edmund, long regarded as the Patron Saint of England, though I understand some Crusaders pay reverence to St. George who slayed the dragon’ he announces… ‘though I have heard that owd George was foreigner!’ Continue reading

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Why do I think the New Testament narratives contain historical truth?

One of my friends over on my ghost forum wrote: Much of the discussion I have had…  is regarding the bible. I asked the question – “How do you know the bible is a true record of what happened in … Continue reading

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The Futurist Movement; Italian Art & History – a very short introduction

I  wrote this many, many years ago, but thought it of some interest still! Section One “Futurism; A Historical Perspective The Futurist movement was born in the first decade of the twentieth century, a time when change brought about by … Continue reading

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Pigs might fly: facing a flu pandemic

It all sounds really scary doesn’t it? A flu pandemic, spreading out from Mexico. Even The (Gloucester) Citizen ran a headline story yesterday – two people in quarantine at home. OK, I was surprised when it turned out to be Tony and Kandia of Inkubbus Sukkubus – I had no idea they were gigging in Mexico City, way to go guys! (they are a rather fun local pagan rock band and decent folks) — but I’m more interested than frightened at the moment. Yes that’s right, CJ, Captain Paranoid about Epidemics, is not remotely bothered. Why? Continue reading

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