Dealing With Ghosts, Part One: Some friendly advice for journalists, T.V. researchers and writers.

Every few weeks I receive a phone call or email from an interested media person, wanting me to help them out with an article, documentary, occasionally a film and sometimes a series. In the past I have cooperated, and have appeared in everything from Women’s Weekly to GQ, even getting a couple of column inches on the cover of The Times one Christmas Day.

I have appeared in ten or eleven different paranormal TV series, and more unusually have also been a researcher for several, and have written for and developed shows for TV (some paranormal related), working for a good number of production companies. While I no longer work in the media, I have experience in front of and behind the camera, understand the industry, the pressures, and the laughs. I have a host of silly anecdotes about my time in TV: and plenty of great stories about my 27 years as a paranormal researcher.

Unfortunately however, when the paranormal as a subject meets the hapless parapsychologist or ghosthunter all kinds of things can go wrong… 😉

Utterly unconvincing ghost

In this short article aimed at the media people, I’m going to try and offer some pointers, some advice, and hell if despite you printing this off and waving it at your Editor/Producer they still demand the impossible, I do consultancy. Details of that at the end though 🙂 The idea is to give you enough material to make do without me.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

So first up, you need people…  Skeptics. Parapsychologists. Ghosthunters. Mediums. Dowsers. Reincarnation Researchers. EVP People, Tableturners. Cryptozoologists. You need an expert? OK, I can probably point you at the person you need, or someone who knows them.  It’s a pretty small field, with most of the “experts” knowing the other “experts” – at least on the academic side of things. I can probably point you to who you might want to talk to, but the key is to know what you are looking for.  Most of the time people don’t, and they have tried to research by reading websites, but sadly that does not really explain much about the culture of the paranormal in the UK.


Essentially you have the academics – boffins if you like – who are experts in some narrow aspect of the field (and know vast amounts about everything else it seems to me). My girlfriend, Becky is one I guess – she defended her thesis last Halloween and has a PhD on ghosts.  No one from the media has ever paid any interest in her research as far as I know, and she is currently working on her book, but actually it was quite fascinating stuff.  If you want someone who REALLY knows their stuff there are the people to turn to – Prof Alan Gauld for example is simple incredibly erudite and knowledgeable about mediumship, poltergeists, apparitions. Steve Parsons is your man for environmental factors that might be related to ghost sightings. Tom Ruffles will certainly be able to provide critical comment on any haunting, and knows far more than I ever will about ghost photos. Cal Cooper is who you call for phone calls from the dead.  So if you want to deal with peer reviewed science, then you should contact the Society for Psychical Research (established 1882) at and they can point you in the right direction.

SPR logo

If you are north of the border you will also want the Scottish Society for Psychical Research.

Of course it could be that you want a university department that researches parapsychology. The KPU at Edinburgh University can help here – there page contains links to most of the research centres in the UK.

smLogoProf Richard Wiseman is the sceptic most journalists seem to go to first, but don’t forget the APRU where Prof Chris French can provide intelligent comment.  

So yes, those are the academics. And if you are interested in Dr Becky Smith’s work on ghosts, and what she found out, I will happily put you in touch with her. (

Next up are the non-university experts, whose learning is often equally formidable. I guess most of the ghosthunters can be found here. The premier organisation for paranormal researchers is ASSAP – the Association for Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. Their website has an incredible amount of resources and the blog is updated regularly, and everything is written in a clear, interesting and non-academic gobbledigook way.

ASSAP Conference

A panel at the 2012 ASSAP Conference underway.

You will find believers and sceptics here, just as in the universities, but there is more interest I think in reaching the general public.  ASSAP will almost certainly know someone who can help you, if your project can be done ethically and usefully (see below). For a really good media communicator from the sceptical side of things who is fiercely intelligent try Hayley Stevens – she will point you to a good sceptic if she can’t help I’m sure.

Scooby Doo

And for sheer history and plenty of experience and expertise you could try The Ghost Club, who may well have what you need.

Now I’m going to concentrate on the ghost side of things now – you can find pagans via the Pagan Fed, I can’t help you there much, and for mystery and out of place animals (panthers, yetis etc) you definitely need the Centre for Fortean Zoology,  UFOLogy? Well the Magonians are fascinating and BUFORA are still going strong. Dr David Sivier has considerable expertise on the academic side and would certainly point you at the right people. I can put genuine journalists in touch with him, as he does not maintain much of a web presence. For psychics and mediums I think Psychic News   and the Spritualists National Union ideal places to start, but for physical mediumship try the Arthur Findlay College and the Noah’s Ark Society.  I could go on for ever – I don’t for example know anything useful about Ganzfeld, Remote Viewing, or various other topics – but you should;d be able to find someone from one of the above who is a bona fide expert.

Finally there are local groups and experts. These can range from the brilliant – for example Parasearch in the West Midlands – to the utterly stark raving bonkers. Many of these groups split, change their names, and become new groups – but often there are a few hardcore folks, who may have considerable knowledge, For a local newspaper, they may well be brilliant, because they have that local knowledge you need, and stories relevant to your readership. Many of the “experts” above may well also be involved with smaller groups like these, and of course there are also authors of books on local ghosts – here in Gloucestershire I think of Lyn Cinderey, Eileen Fry, Bob Meredith, off the top of my head –  who are great for radio or papers or TV. They know their stuff!  You just need to find the right people for the tone of what you want…

CJ and Jo-Dee on a ghost hunt!

CJ and Jo-Dee on a ghost hunt!

If all of this sounds like a lot of work, you can ask me to do it. I do sometimes act as an agent for a number of folks in the field, filtering through media requests and making sure journalists find the right person. You can email me in the first instance with what you are looking for and why – and I might be able to point you to someone. if the request is trivial and just involved me telling you who to speak to which I immediately know it is free – if you require me to poke around and find someone, and set up something, hey then I will expect to be paid. See below. If that has not put you off, you can reach me here. ( or via the following

IN part 2: finding locations, ghost photos, acquiring art and illustrations, and what ideas are simply a waste of time and every commissioning editor has heard them a dozen times before. Plus ethics, and why you probably can’t get anyone to help you do what you want if you want any credibility… 😉

CJ x

About Chris Jensen Romer

I am a profoundly dull, tedious and irritable individual. I have no friends apart from two equally ill mannered cats, and a lunatic kitten. I am a ghosthunter by profession, and professional cat herder. I write stuff and do TV things and play games. It's better than being real I find.
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