UKGamesExpo 2013

OK, so I went to UKGamesExpo today, the board, card and rpg games convention in Birmingham, held at the NEC Hilton Metropole in Birmingham: first year in that location, ion previous years it has been held near Edgbaston as I recall. My friends Lorna and Dan gave me a lift up, and  was only there for about seven hours, but I must admit despite severe reservations, I had a wonderful time. It’s on tomorrow Sunday 26th May, and if you can I would encourage you to go, despite the £8 admission charge for a day ticket.

So why the reservations? I have not been for a few years, but last time I went I like now was short on cash. The nature of the event feels like a Trade Fair, and I guess it is in some ways our UK version of Essen.

I felt like time I went it was a great event, but I needed money to spend: all of the rpg and boardgames events seemed booked solid long in advance, and the event seemed more focussed on buying than playing. I am very happy to report that this year that was totally untrue – there was every opportunity to buy, a huge range of vendors, with only Mongoose notably absent — yet there was also a tremendous array of demo games on offer, and not all required you to have pre-booked.

It felt much more like a convention this year to me, with large numbers of delegates staying on site. £100 a night is beyond my budget this year, but hey, I think I would have liked to be there the whole three days.

A few notes — I did not buy much, though a cup of coffee set me back a fiver, and bar prices are similarly astronomical. By the time I arrived programmes had run out, and I did not realise the organisers had sensibly organised a wonderfully cheap and cheerful cafeteria for attendees in one room, where food can be bought (and soft drinks and coffee) at realistic prices 😀  I should have read the website, where all this was explained, before setting off!

I took a few photos, but I am a truly lousy photographer and only had a phone. Still here we go…

Giant Pandemic Boardgame

Giant Pandemic Boardgame

OK, that was amazing! And they really tried to get me to play, and as Pandemic is a classic cooperative boardgame i VERY nearly did, only stopped by the need to find Wordplay Games who I had come specifically to look for. I stopped off to see Charlie and Alan Paull at Surprised Stare Games, makers of wonderful boardgames including of course Snowdonia, and after a long chat I went and talked to Larry Roznai, President of Mayfair Games, for at least an hour outside, and learned a lot about logistical and distribution questions. Really fascinating chap, I’m peeved I missed his seminars, and that of Angus Anbrrason from Chronicle City.

I did catch who I went to see, Graham Spearing of Wordplay Games; I’m interested after playing his Worlds of Wordplay game that I really like in writing some material for his new FATE based Age of Arthur game, and maybe now that will happen. Great bloke, and very, very welcoming and kind to spend so long talking to me. I’m very excited about Age of Arthur!

Then off to Pelgrane Land!


Pelgrane Press stand

I was able to pick up at last a copy of Trail of Cthulhu from the Pelgrane Press stand: so sanity blasting was this I was still shaking when I took the blurry photo of amorphous horrors above.  (At least said Amorphous Horror will have to wait till Consequences in November to punch me now! 🙂 )

It was only in my closing minutes at the con that I discovered there was another huge demo hall I had somehow missed: I was twice horribly disorientated and confused by the layout of the building, and am sure I missed loads owing to the non-Euclidean weird angles – OK – my lack of a sense of direction.


Friendly con-goers!

Well apart from “find the cheap cafeteria” what else can I say? Well parking is free, it’s certainly worth the admission and I had a great time, so go play games!

oh yes: the UK GAMES EXPO AWARDS! No idea who won, presumably not announced till voting ends tomorrow, and I finally chose not to vote in most categories because I did not know all (or even most) of the games.

 The Nominations were:

BEST BOARD GAME: Aeroplanes (Mayfair); Escape (Queen); Exodus Proxima Centauri (NSKN Legendary); Fighting for Virginia (Nigel Lambert/Print, Play); Keyflower (Coiled Spring); Mice & Mystics (Plaid Hat); Road Rally USA (mayfair); Rome & Carthage (Grosso Modo Editions/Coiledspring); Snowdonia (Surprised Stare); String Railway (Asmodee); Urbania (Mayfair).

BEST RPG: Achtung Cthuhlu [Hero of the Sea/Three Kings] (Modiphius); Age of Arthur (Wordplay); Cold & Dark (Wicked World); Draconian Rhapsody (Ulisses Spiele/Chronicle City); Dungeon Slayers (Chronicle City); Eldritch Skies (Battlefield Press/ Chronicle City); Hellfrost: Land & Fire (Triple Ace); The Island of the Pirahnamen (Ulisses Spiele/Chronicle City); Shadows of Esteren (Agrate); Squadron UK (Simon Burley); Star Wars Edge of the Empire fantasy (Flight) Yggdrasil (Zerne Cercle Sarl/Cubicle 7).

Particularly great, especially in Brum to see Simon “Golden Heroes” Burley back in there! I can commend his work, and also Snowdonia and Age of Arthur, but I don’t know any of the other nominations, which probably explains why I did not vote in the end as a bit unfair to vote for the only games you know! If anyone is really interested i can outline the other nominations in Best Family Game, Best Miniatures Game, Best Strategic Card Game, Best General Board Game and Best Abstract Game categories.


EDIT: Since writing this Richard Denning, one of the organisers has offered us his fascinating perspective on the event. Well worth reading!

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2 Responses to UKGamesExpo 2013

  1. Mark says:

    As a first time attendee I believe that the Expo is primarily a trade show yet this is not a problem if you just want to play games and hangout with folk who are just wanting to play a game or two. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly going so far as complete strangers lending you games to play.

  2. No, you are right, the angles in that hotel are definitely non-euclidean.

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