Why people come here – Top Tens of my blog!

OK, just a short piece as I’m out tonight and snowed under by work. The majority of people who come to my blog look at the home page, and of course those strange loyal souls who have subscribed get all my nonsense in their in-tray, but I thought today it might be interesting to use the WordPress settings to see what people actually read here. So here are my top ten posts to date, not in the little star ratings, but in number of visits…


Number One!

Running Ars Magica – advice for new story guides, part one

A short piece I wrote on the roleplaying game Ars Magica – so far 7,500 visits.  The game is clearly VERY popular!  This is by far and away my most popular piece, making me wonder if I should put up part two which I wrote a long time ago but have never posted 🙂


The Futurist Movement; Italian Art & History – a very short introduction

I recall thinking when I posted this that a piece on an Italian Art Movement of the early twentieth century (that had been on my website for ten years) would hardly register ten visitors. I was wrong – 4,827 people have looked at it.


The Myth of the Common Cold

Curious this one; it was just me thinking about viruses and evidence based medicine – well 1,767 readers so far. I guess we all get colds!


Debunking A Modern Myth: the Conflict of Religion & Science – Part One

A heavier article, and I think an important one. 1,397 visitors.


Acceptable in the Eighties?

I don’t write about politics much, but this short piece from just before last years UK General Election got 1,394 views. I’m not sure why!


The End of an Era: Richard Dawkins forum to close

This one does not surprise me at all – a lot of people loved the forum, and it became newsworthy for a few days, as Dawkins argued with his fans.


Boardgame Review: Ticket to Ride Europe

Again, given the popularity of the game no great surprise. Maybe games manufacturers should send me review copies or pdfs? 🙂


Not Bronze Age Myths – let’s end this misleading cliche

I was in a good mood, and despaired of ever defeating this atheist forum cliche, so I wrote this. 962 people have read it.


The Reverse Robin Hood: or I Fought the Beast and the Beast Won

Social commentary on the bank charges High Court case – 960 views


and finally back to roleplaying games —


Heroquest 2.0 – the first mini-review?

An excellent game, and 910 views.

Not much correlation with my highest rated articles as it happens, and not to my mind my best ones, but that’s what people have looked at! WHat is peculiar to my mind is how badly my articles on psychical research, my main interest, do. Not one hits the top ten. Ditto most of my writings on Science and Religion. It would appear my blog is too esoteric for most people’s tastes?


OK,  just for fun here are the top ten search terms on this blog —

1 robin hood — 5,365 — well that explains the banking articles views! Shame not what they wanted 😦

2. Lord Kelvin — 2,549 — Lord Kelvin really outdoes Darwin on my search results!

3. mr blobby — 1,415 — well I resemble him I guess!

4. virus –– 1,275 — the common cold, not pc ones 🙂

5. Carra –– 1,100 — the futurist artist

6. Boccioni – 879 – another futurist artist

7. Fying Pickets – 635

8. Atheism – 586

9.  Ticket to Ride Europe – 500

10. Jerome23 — 413

Yep, I’m a few dozen ahead of Aleister Crowley as a search term to find my blog 🙂

cj x




About Chris Jensen Romer

I am a profoundly dull, tedious and irritable individual. I have no friends apart from two equally ill mannered cats, and a lunatic kitten. I am a ghosthunter by profession, and professional cat herder. I write stuff and do TV things and play games. It's better than being real I find.
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