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Ghosthunting with the League of Gentleman

Posted in Paranormal, Reviews and Past Events, Uninteresting to others whitterings about my life by Chris Jensen Romer on October 30, 2010

Back in the summer Becky and I went ghost hunting with some rather unusual chaps —  The League of Gentlemen.  We had an excellent night, and met the League – Pemberton, Dyson, Shearsmih and Gatiss — reunited for the first time in five years, and obviously really enjoying each others company and the bizarre situation, for we were guests of John Humphries at the Ancient Ram Inn. It is a bit Royston Vasey!

Strangely neither Becky or I thought to take a camera with us, or if we did neither os us took a photo, but anyway here is the Radio Four promotional shot.

League of Gentlemen at Ram Inn

League of Gentlemen at Ram Inn (c) Radio Four

Stephen Garner the producer made us very welcome, and we met Toni a medium who was a very interesting lady, and her colleague Phil a ghost hunter who had visited the Ram many times before. I kept quiet and out of the way most of the evening, though there was a discussion of wider issues in which I got caught up, so I do appear in the programme – I’m the boring bit!

Anyway if you are interested you can hear the broadcast here..

cj x

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  1. Tom Ruffles said, on October 30, 2010 at 11:22 am

    Boring? Nah, it was the best bit!

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