My Own Ghost Story

Time to tell ghost stories!

OK, here is my ghost story. It was the reason for my involvement in parapsychology, and almost twenty years on I believe it to be true, but no longer can rely on memory. This account was written in 2001 (for a book introduction, hence narrative/genre style).

“It was 1987 and I was at a wargames meeting with four friends, all aged about the same as me – I was the youngest at just about to turn 18. We were driving through a town called Thetford in Norfolk, England, when one of us needed the loo badly, so we turned in to a cul-de-sac off the flyover which runs through the middle of town, looking for an alley or something for a call of nature!

At the end of the lane we stumbled across one of those delightful secrets English medieval towns spring on you – flanked by modern housing estates we found a medieval Priory, laying in ruins, built of the local flint stone and clad in ivy. A sign in the car park informed us that it was Thetford Priory, a victim of Henry VIII’s Dissolution of the Monasteries in the mid-C16th.

Thetford Priory - Almost Haunted pic

Well we were not that enthralled by this (we were from Bury St Edmunds with its beautiful monastery ruins), but we wandered through the evening light – it was about 8-8.30pm on a warm August day, (August 8th 1987) which in England means it is still light, day in fact – and eventually found a secluded part of the ruins, where the urgent business could be undertaken behind a bush. As the other chaps gathered we turned to look at the ruins one last time.

It was then we became aware of a joker wearing a black sheet over his head, pretending to be a ghost. I think it was Darren who saw him first, and remarked on this guy in a very light hearted tone – he was looking at us from a first storey (thatone above the ground) window, and was obviously watching us. Now if you imagine someone whose skill at Halloween costume making seems to go as far as throwing a bed sheet over his head, well that is what we saw – at least that is what I think I saw!

THetford Priory

The small arch to the right of the main arch is where the staircase was.

Darren, being the most headstrong of us said ‘lets scare him!’ and charged forwards, towards the facade of the building, which has one large arch and a smaller one in which there was a staircase up to the room we had seen the chap in. As I followed, partly to restrain Darren, partly in a spirit of Scooby Doo ‘and I’ve of gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you pesky kids’ I’m not sure what I was thinking.

And then we saw him coming down the stairs – the sheet billowed out like a woman in a ball gown, and there were three dark spots on his stomach area. At least that’s what I saw, and as I was running – well I was not the most observant. We threw ourselves up the staircase at the guy, who was now well within reach, halfway down the stais; which is why our impact with the flint wall at the back of the room came as a surprise. No stairs existed.

There was no floor in the room the figure had stood in. I struck my head, as did Darren. We were both nauseous, and I felt like i might vomit a few minutes later. There was also a distinct feeling of coldness, and I completely lost the plot.

Thetord Priory: from The first Mousetrap site

Thetord Priory: from "The First Mousetrap" site which interested me - the photo is a link...

What had the others seen? Well everyone agreed that there was a very real and very tangible staircase. They all also agreed that there was a figure, though David described it as a smoky mass – but if he did not think it was a joker in a sheet, why did he not challenge our statement before? Axel said it looked like a monk – but any shadow can look like a monk, hence the hundreds of spectral monks said to prowl English towns. Marcus later described the figure as like spiderman in a black costume.

Anyway on the way back we had a curious mix of nausea and extreme emotional reactions, along with a strong feeling of being cold, and a lot of shakiness. Eventually we got home (16 miles) and on the way David forbade us to discuss what we had seen. Only David had any previous belief in the paranormal, and he suggested we created independent signed testimony. . The statements were kept, and then compared – it was then that the fairly major differences in the description of the figure first came to light – apart from an agreement on the staircase, the figure being male, and wearing black, there was however a complete consensus on the order of events.

There was one more rather bizarre aspect to this sighting – as we left the Priory we had a sense the building was in somehow rebuilding itself, making its self more real, around us. Axel shouted ‘jump the walls – break its reality’. We missed that off the documentary – it sounded too sensational. Yet it was exactly what I felt, and evidently Axel too, and as I ran for the car I also felt as if with every step I was plunging deeper in to mud or wet sand – possibly a physiological response to extreme fear, the legs turn to jelly sensation.

At this point I had a major crisis of belief. At that point I was an absolute atheist materialist and advocate of scientific reductionism, despite my family’s firm belief in spooks etc, maybe because of it. The experience convinced me that people did see ‘ghosts’ – that experience is genuine. What those ghosts are – hallucinations, tricks of the light, abnormal mental phenomena, ESP, spirits of the dead, demons cavorting, whatever – I did not and still do not have sufficient data to judge. It just became obvious to me that people had profoundly unsettling experiences which were hard for those who had not been there to relate to, and which lead you to question your sanity, your place in the world, and what the heck really happened.”

I welcome any comments. My position: the experience of having encountered a “ghost” is undoubtedly a real experience, but that tells us nothing of the mechanisms or causality underlying the experience. I recently asked the lads what they thought we experienced that night — now if the confabulation theory is correct, we might ahve expected the story to grow in the telling. Tow responded – Marcus wrote

I remember me, you, Munch, Axel and Darren going to the Priory on a misty night. We all (even me the arch sceptic saw a stairway in that door way.ย  Some of the rest of you (Axel and Dave esp) also saw a monk with some stab wounds. We all freaked out and ran off for a bit. When we came back nothing was there apart from a ‘vibe’. There you go that is all I can remember, it was circa 20 years ago.

Then Axel responded —

TBH Chris, I have very limited memories of the event.
Dave, Darren, Marcus, you & I were there.
We say a black, robed figure come out of the arch.
We ran away.

Now bear in mind this is despite having occasionally discussed the story between ourselves over the years, and having even featured on a documentary show talking about it in 1996. We really now have very little idea of precisely what happened that night — and I don’t think any of us would pretend otherwise, though I have not heard back from Darren or Dave. Still that in itself bears out one of the findings of the Census of Hallucinations – and makes me doubt the widespread assumptions that stories of ghost experiences grow in the telling, or are crystal clear in the memory.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank those who have donated so far to the blog; you know who you are, and i think I have talked to each of you, and to the gentleman, he knows who he is, whose sixty pound donation astonished me and means that I have food and electric till my next money comes through. What can I say but a very sincere thank you to you all?

cj x


About Chris Jensen Romer

I am a profoundly dull, tedious and irritable individual. I have no friends apart from two equally ill mannered cats, and a lunatic kitten. I am a ghosthunter by profession, and professional cat herder. I write stuff and do TV things and play games. It's better than being real I find.
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25 Responses to My Own Ghost Story

  1. Darryn says:

    Aha! I found this blog searching for info on the Cardiff poltergeist “Pete” having recently seen the Ghosthunters episode featuring that case. And it is your blog! See, I remember you from the Most Haunted forums.

    If you’re at all interested in having a recent address and phone number for Fred Cook, who became the nexus for that spuk when the mower shop shifted premises, let me know. Might make anice follow-up piece.

    • Chris Jensen Romer says:

      Hey Darryn, best not as i don’t know the chap. I know the case well, but only from David Fontana’s articles in the JSPR. Anything still happening around the chap?

  2. Tony Robinson says:

    I know you’ve told me many times before, but I hadn’t heard the stab wounds mentioned before.

    Presumably you’re well aware of the prior of Thetford called Stephen who was stabbed during a quarrel with one of his monks in 1248 ??

    • Chris Jensen Romer says:

      Hi balders: after the event we found a reference (well Dave did) in Thetford library in a 19th century book to a murder of a Prior. It was the 2000’s before I actually found the date – the middle of the 13th century, not the 14th as I had previously believed, and the full story. It’s in Matthew of Paris’ chronicle – as I was reading it for an Ars Magica related project I found the reference. Stephen de Charun stabbed the Prior Stephen, who died before the door fo the the great church. No we saw the figure in the Prior’s lodgings – but nowhere ear the door to the Great Church – well maybe 20 yards away. I don’t have a copy of Matthew Paris’ chronicle – I have Bury and Jocelin of Brakelonds but not that one – so I can’t check the reference. I don’t know if the vents are in any way linked ot our ghost story, but it is interesting – but then Thetford Priory had a 400 year history, and I have no idea what the murder rate was in medieval priories… so no idea if related – insufficient data.

  3. Axel says:

    I had put aside my memory of the part about seeing the figure appearing in the top floor window and walking down the stairs until I read this.

    Now that you remind me, I do remember, very clearly, the realization that there were no stairs which meant the figure was doing something impossible.

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  5. Tom Ruffles says:

    “Presumably youโ€™re well aware of the prior of Thetford called Stephen who was stabbed during a quarrel with one of his monks in 1248 ??”

    Christianity just isn’t any fun these days.

  6. Sir Gannayev says:

    Hey Jerome!

    This is a very interesting story, too. But what happened to the ‘ghost’ when you arrived at the ‘staircase’? Did he disappear? To me this issue isn’t fully clear.

    Kind regards ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Chris Jensen Romer says:

      It’s so long ago that I am now remembering telling the story rather than what happened directly, if that makes sense (see previous comments for how little any of us can recall now!) My memory is that the others were aware of the figure retreating back up the stairs, and so was I vaguely; so if there had been a staircase then Darren and myself would have arrived at it after the figure had reached the upper floor. I actually don’t know what happened to the figure as a result!

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  8. Andie says:

    How many magic mushrooms had you consumed in the woods? ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. stephen says:

    interesting comments i live in thetford this is the first i have heard or a black figure but i have heard of monk sightings. the only sighting of a black figure i have heard of was at the warren lodge in the forrest, i myself have had an encounter there i was tapped on the shoulder while warming down from a short run this was at dusk around 8pm time

  10. Kelley says:

    Hi, just read you’re story and found it very interesting. I have spent many nights down at the Thetford Priory (and other locations)just taking random photo’s in different areas and then reviewing at home to see if anything shows up. I have many orb pictures from there, even in the window you saw the image. I do also have an image with a Cluniac monk on it. You can clearly see his robes, couldn’t see his face though as he was walking away from me. Many people have also told me over the years that they have heard the monk’s singing, although I have never experienced that myself. I have also seen the dark figure at Warren Lodge, he scared the living daylights out of me. I realised he was just peering over my shoulder to see what I was doing. He doesn’t mean any harm. From what I could tell he looked like a gamekeeper as he was wearing the same clothes that I have seen in old photos.

  11. Ah, so it *was* you I saw on Ghosthunters just now. I discovered the episodes on Amazon Instant Video just tonight and watched several, then decided to end with an intriguing-sounding one about Time ripples. So fascinating! And so funny to recognize my fellow blogger and SPR enthusiast. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Chris Jensen Romer says:

      How you keeping? I got to go back to Denmark last year, but have not been blogging much. You have slowed down too?

      • Lisa B says:

        Definitely have slowed down writing – doing more reading now and working on being a responsible adult (ugh, must I?) Good to see you on Twitter now and then. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Dan says:

    Hi. I remember watching this programme “ripples in time” a good 15yrs ago and I couldn’t believe what I was watching.!
    I grew up in thetford and we used to play in the grounds of the priory when we were young. I’d say I was 13 or 14 when one summers evening (around 1991 or 1992) me and two friends were mucking around in the grounds of the priory when one of us said “look over there, someone is watching us from the window” we all stopped and looked, we all see that someone was watching us from the large upstairs window to the right of the small window that the people in the programme saw someone looking at them!!
    We joked maybe it’s a ghost and all of us ran towards the ruins and window but when we got close there was nothing there.!! To us it looked like a shadowy figure or someone wearing dark clothes. We didn’t see any stairs or see the figure move. But we did see it watching us for the upstairs window. Even though there is no upper floor.
    We all sort of laughed it off, making up excuses for what it could of been, but in the back of our minds we knew what we had seen couldn’t be explained.
    Many years later I see the programme ripples in time on sky tv and it sent shivers down my spine…….

  13. Jackie says:

    I attended a children’s party in about 1970 when I was nine, at a flint cottage that had a garden, that backed onto the Priory. I was playing in the garden and looking out over the Priory when I spotted a lady, about fifty foot away, she appeared to be gliding and her face was silvery and shimmering. She was dressed in contemporary clothes, a beige skirt and red top and clutching a hand bag, white short curly hair age about 50/60. She moved slowly towards an arch and just disappeared. It was odd and I told my mum when she picked me up. I didn’t think too much of it over the years, until my mum watch a documentary about the four lads seeing what appeared to be a monk. My mum being an adult realized the area as being the same where I had seen my specter. I wonder if any one has ever heard of anything similar happening.

    • Chris Jensen Romer says:

      Hey Jackie I’ve not heard anything but hopefully we shall now. I was in Thetford this afternoon for first time in ages actually.

  14. Debra Boyd says:

    This is amazing to read…at last I have some clarification as to what happened to my husband and I one night at around 1 a.m in August 1990, we did question our sanity at the time! I will give as much detail as my old memory will allow! We had enjoyed a day out in Great Yarmouth, a rare treat as the in laws were baby sitting our 2 month old baby. We were travelling back along a road (you will have to excuse me as I’m not a driver and did not take much notice of the route, but I’m sure it was the main road, we were going back to Hertfordshire, so i guess it was the A11). I remember feeling very tired all of a sudden, and very warm..I felt myself dozing off, which was unusual as I have never been able to sleep on journeys. I actually kept falling asleep, and the only thing which kept waking me was my husband Tony cursing. I happened to pull myself out of this lethargic state and looked ahead of me, as Tony kept braking the car violently, what I saw I will never forget. Just about 2 feet ahead of the car bonnet appeared some sort of a stone wall, it was kind of silvery greyish (I know this sounds really weird), but every time he breaked in order to avoid hitting it, it disappeared. Again, I felt myself almost passing out. When I next awoke, ahead were four figures just ahead of our car…I recall they looked very small, almost as if they were lower than the car, they were hooded, just side profiles, but they were of the same silvery grey colour as the stone wall I mentioned. Tony braked as the car got nearer to them, and they just seemed to disintegrate, like silver dust. I think I must have blacked out again, but I do recall opening my eyes and looking out of my side window and seeing that, well it’s difficult to explain, but it was as if the main road had gone, and that we were driving through some sort of mud track. As if we were lower down in height. I remember feeling very disorientated and at the same time, kind of stupid, not sure if I were dreaming all of this and also reluctant to speak of it to Tony, for fear that he would think that I’d gone crazy! As it was, we somehow, I don’t recall how, got back onto the right track and found our way home thank god! Once home, I mentioned to him that I’d had, during our journey home through Thetford, the strangest dream. He asked ‘Did you see that wall and the monk figures in the road? ‘ We spoke about the whole scenario and both saw exactly the same things, whatever they were! But through a mutual fear of seeming crazy, we had both kept silent at the time. Tony told me that he had had an overwhelming urge to fall asleep whilst driving down that road. We had seen the same strange things during that journey along the Thetford road, which, although it made us feel better to know that we were not going mad, it was something that we could never explain. I have told close friends over the years, of my experience of that strange night 25 years ago, but I don’t think that they really believe me! But then, I can hardly believe it myself. In retrospect, we should have written it down at the time.

    • Chris Jensen Romer says:

      Hey Debra yeah that would be the A11 I guess, but I will try to work it out tomorrow. I’m guessing from your dscription you might have been between Thetford and Elveden. That is really a very weird experience -“๐Ÿ˜จ – but it reminds me of something. I’ll look it up tomorrow and reply properly.

  15. Debra Boyd says:

    Yes, I’m sure it was between Thetford and Elveden as I have been back that route many times since. I’ve never experienced anything like it again even though we’ve travelled back at night. I look forward to your possible explanation Chris, thanks for that ๐Ÿ˜Š

  16. Lee Avery says:

    Back in 1992, the older brother of the bassist in my band told us a story of something similar and at a similar time to your experience in 1987. He (Tony) and seven or eight of his friends thought that it would be a good idea to do a ouija board in the priory, d’oh! During the process the protagonists saw a ball of light within twenty yards of them that they could not explain. Naturally, they all papped themselves and made a run for it, having to jump over a high wall in the process. The stragglers at the back of the group were greeted by a police car screeching up to them in the car park outside of the side gate. The policemen questioned them as to what the hell had happened as calls had been received at the station of bright flashes of daylight coming from the priory. Now, Tony was a tough guy but didn’t mind admitting that they were crying their eyes out and garbling incoherently at the policemen. All of a sudden, one of the police officers shrieked ‘ what the f**k is that?’ at which point the boys took a look over their shoulders only to see the same ball of light hovering nearby at the gate. The policemen lost their nerve, screamed at the boys to ‘f**k of out of here’ before wheel spinning and racing from the vicinity! I think that the incident would have happened at around the same kind of time c. 1987 or maybe a couple of years before possibly. I have to say that I have spent many, many hours as a youth in the priory and have never seen anything. I will admit that it is a very creepy place at dawn, dusk and night and can send your heckles up and shadows can play tricks on your eyes that leave you distressed. However, I’ve not seen anything myself.

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