Dawkins.net Meltdown — New Forum for Exiles; rationalskepticism.org

A brief post for me, but a very important one. I know (from emails and comments) that a large number of ex-Richarddawkins.net forum members are passing this way in search of information. After a few days of gracious hosting from Rationalia.com and Thinking Aloud Forum, we now have a new forum of our own — Rationalskepticism.org

I am a mod over there (yes a Christian mod on a sceptic site!) and would like to take this opportunity to invite any of my readers, atheist, agnostic or religious, and anyone who enjoys good debate and good company to come join us there.  It’s been a hectic few days, and I am still recovering — the British media have taken up the story, but I’m happy to move on and make something new. (I also have  ghosthunting forum – email me if interested in such matters)

Thanks for reading!  I really must move on to other topics soon. 🙂  For very intelligent commentary on the affair (saying things I as a theist dare not!)  from an atheist activist perspective do  see Gurdur’s blog at Heathenhub.

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About Chris Jensen Romer

I am a profoundly dull, tedious and irritable individual. I have no friends apart from two equally ill mannered cats, and a lunatic kitten. I am a ghosthunter by profession, and professional cat herder. I write stuff and do TV things and play games. It's better than being real I find.
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3 Responses to Dawkins.net Meltdown — New Forum for Exiles; rationalskepticism.org

  1. Gurdur says:

    ” For very intelligent commentary on the affair (saying things I as a theist dare not!)” …

    A huge many thanks for that. It’s going to get worse for me personally starting Monday, since I am going to be saying some more things, and more trenchantly.

    By the way, you are always extremely welcome on the Hub. We love to discuss deeply there, and we’re not into flame-wars. Not all atheists are bastards, you know, and some of us can just chat relaxedly.

  2. Chris Jensen Romer says:

    I like the hub Gurdur, and have been enjoying your blog immensely. If I spoke about certain things it looks like sour grapes — I tend to praise more than I critique (I have a lot of time for Michael Ruse, unsurprising given my interest in philosophy perhaps) but I certainly would not have lasted several years on RD.net or become a mod on an atheist forum if i was under any belief “all atheists are bastards”!!! 🙂 I’ll be reading with interest. Intelligent comment on this whole sad mess is lacking, and media distortion and celebrity-atheists are doing more harm than goo to the secular cause, so sense is very welcome – I don’t see any of it (the atheist – theist divide) as a battle between dichotomous sides, but as a dialogue between interested parties about our understanding of the nature of ultimate reality.

  3. Luke says:

    This row is over morals. They have none. They are ripping each other apart. http://atheistsociety.blogspot.com/2010/02/blog-post_1869.html

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