Boots for the Glory of Russia!

OK, a long, long time ago Anne Lay said that fantasy was the only interesting genre in gaming. I disagreed, and wrote a game set in a St. Petersburg Boot Factory, during the Russian Revolution. There are no great historical or ethical lessons to be learned – the history may well be rubbish – but it’s a fairly simple game you can play with 9 friends over for dinner and a bottle of vodka.  Steve Hatherley of UK Freeforms made a pdf, which is free to download, so you can print it out and play it if you want to. The GM is the Gamesmaster – the host – they should have read all the character sheets, and be familiar with the whole print out, and make up any answrs to rules questions not covered by the game. Everyone else just gets some game cards, a character sheet for the person they are playing, and the briefing documents — anyway email me at if you have questions.

a boot!

A boot!

It’s not my best game, but I’m trying to mention my gaming hobby more on my blog this year, and it may amuse. The original version included a points scoring system to determine a winner: Steve deleted it to make it more of a freeform, but if Axel still has the files I sent him I can make that available as well if any one wants it. Have a read see what you think!

cj x


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5 Responses to Boots for the Glory of Russia!

  1. Axel says:

    I highly recommend this game – especially if played with free flowing vodka. I ran it in Toronto in winter (so folks going outside to negotiate in private had an even more authentic experience).

    Judging by what I’ve heard about the weather, now would be a great time to run it in the UK.

    I’ll put the points system up on-line somewhere for people that want that added info.

  2. Chris Jensen Romer says:

    Thanks Axel – yep, be great if you could. Some people like me quite like a winner and loser at the end, and knowing the points gives people something to work towards 🙂

    cj x

  3. Axel says:

    Uploaded to [Axel’s place]
    Please take it & put it somewhere else ‘cos the contents of the page change reasonably often.

  4. Chris Jensen Romer says:

    Cheers Axel, I have saved it and will stick it on my webspace later and modify the main article to include link to the file. Thanks for arranging temporary hosting for it (and the other file I nicked from there!) 🙂

    cj x

  5. Axel says:

    no worries

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