It Snowed A Little… Pictures of Cheltenham (but they could be anywhere!) In The Snow

OK, so it snowed, and for a few days now people have seemed to think the world is ending. It might be, but a few inches of snow hardly constitutes a cause for alarm and widespread panic!

carpark in snow

Here is the view from my bedroom window yesterday - least interesting photo ever?

OK, so my photo is dull, but by now you have seen a million dramatic photos of people in the snow doing heroic or exciting things. I am to photography what Pooter was to diaries. ūüôā

shot from my bedroom window

Another not enthralling shot from my bedroom window!

OK, look it’s probably more interesting than anything that happens INSIDE my bedroom, ok? Unless you find people reading Ars Magica 5th Edition arousing, in which case seek help (or join the Berkllist, the Ars Magica mailing list.)¬† Actually I could tell a couple of amusing stories about that, but I won’t…

Cheltenham High Street in the snow

Cheltenham High Street, 3pm today: snow. I bet you predicted this one would have snow in didn't you?

Does not look at all bad in this photo; actually it was pretty unpleasant, the roads were a mushy mess, and the pavements treacherous. Gets better as you get in to the Town centre. Drivers get roads gritted, but pedestrians are left to die in droves*, Hugh says possibly because if they salt the pavements and mess up you get more injury claims?

(* OK, a slight exaggeration. Cheltenham High Street was devoid of corpses when I walked down it: no carnage ensued, and only two people fell over¬† while I was in town. It was hardly Massacre-on-Ice — but with everyone over excited about a sprinkling of snow I thought I could be a bit dramatic. )

How fare the brave inhabitants of Normal Terrace in this icy wilderness? Well none of the cats in the street seem keen on going out, but otherwise business as usual…

The Abominable Postman (Ben?) leaves his track sinb the not so pristine wilderness!

Yeah, we did not get any post for one day, and the bins were not emptied, but bravely we struggle on, displaying that British stiff upper life (and in my case Anglo-Danish sagging belly)

Normal Terrace in the Snow

Er, yeah, you guessed it - more snow.

Are you still reading this? Google returns 3,290 hits for “hot babes in bikinis” and you are still reading this? Oh I see – well 6,170,000 hits for hot men in underwear? Or even 531,000 hits for for improving sermons.?

OK you like pictures of snow. I get it..

Sunny day in Cheltenham - with snow!

Well it was sunny today. But yes, there is some snow for you too

Shame I have no talent as¬† a photographer. Or as an ice sculptor come to that. I felt snowmen were sexist,and snow women sound¬† bit dodgy, so I made a snow cat…

cat made of snow - very badly

Yes, it's a cat, honest! Well more interesting than a snowman. CJ made this, and was quite proud of it!

OK, even I can stand this little longer. Another shot of Normal Terrace…

Normal Terrace in the Snow

Chris my neighbour has lived in the street all her life,a nd even she would be bored by yet another photo of our road in the snow

Hey it beats Google Earth! Who wants to look at satellite pictures when you can see Cheltenham back street s in the snow? Well pretty much every one I guess.¬† Let’s go nocturnal…

Normal Terrace at night, with snow

A bin in the snow. Cheltenham as you never saw it, and never wanted to!

I had a stalker once, many, many years ago, but even she gave up on me because I was so dull. Shame really, she should have just read my blog rather than standing around in the chemist shop doorway across the road from my old flat.

snow in Normal Terrace at night

Googling "goats in leather underwear" only gives one hit, and that is my blog. This fact is possibly slightly more interesting than my photo.

Yes, I know you are bored with photos of Normal Terrace in the snow. Here is the next street over, St. Paul’s Street South. It’s not any more interesting though…

St Pauls Street South

St. Paul's open air ice skating rink, brought to you courtesy so fthe weather and Cheltenham Borough Council, featuring lovely lollards - sorry bollards...

And finally a shoggoth eating a car. Oh sorry, not Lovecraft’s horrors from the¬† Mountains of Madness: it’s a bush in Normal Terrace! (You guessed it – in the snow!)

car in the snow

Tekeli-li! Tekeli- li! (and if you get that you are... erudite?)

Well there you go. It’s probably not MUCH more boring than many of my other blog posts, but hey, I think it may possibly be of use to insomniacs, masochists with a taste for people’s holiday photos, and people who like to laugh at the British overreaction to snow.¬† If you read this far, please do comment, if only so I know to turn the lights off and lie on the floor when you come round, as clearly you are dangerously deranged.¬† Anyway, keep warm, keep safe, and¬† enjoy the snow while it lasts!

cj x


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I am a profoundly dull, tedious and irritable individual. I have no friends apart from two equally ill mannered cats, and a lunatic kitten. I am a ghosthunter by profession, and professional cat herder. I write stuff and do TV things and play games. It's better than being real I find.
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