Richard Dawkins Forum launches monthly Science Writing Competition

While I don’t have as much free time as I would like these days, the forum at remains one of my favourite places to hang out on the net, along with the JREF forum and UK Skeptics. My beliefs are of course very different to the majority of posters in these places, which makes it all the more fun.

Anyway got a message this morning, it seems that the RD forum has a new monthly science writing competition, which seems very apt, and a move which I applaud heartily. The rewards for winning are intangible – but I am sure the competition will be fierce. If I had any science writing skills I might try, and to be honest if any month the topic is on an area I am familiar with I might try anyway.

To quote Mazille from the forum

The Monthly RDF Science Writing Award

We have a lot of professional scientists and very well-versed laymen on the forum and so we decided to make use of those formidable intellectual resources. We challenge you to write an article about a specific topic – which will be revealed later on – and enter it into a competition for “The Monthly RDF Science Writing Award”!

Every month we will give you the opportunity to take part in this competition. The goal is to write the best article covering a scientific topic of your choice – although with certain restraints. For each round of the competition we will set a general topic (e.g. “Our Solar System”, or “The Subatomic World”), from which you can choose any field of interest to write about. After we have announced the general topic of a new round, competitors will have three weeks time to write their articles and enter them in the competition  and after those three weeks users will have another week to vote for the best scientific article.

Hopefully some of the readers of my blog will be interested enough to register at if the have not already, and enter. Full details of the competition can be found here.

This is the aspect of Dawkins I really like – his science writing, not the dubious atheistic arguments. 🙂 Anyway a great idea, and I hope it succeeds well!

cj x


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