PM’s Pledge To Flood Devastated Cumbria

“PM’s Pledge To Flood Devastated Cumbria” is a headline today on Sky News. I thought it unfortunate, and wondered how he plans to get the waters to rise above the level of the local mountains. Presumably his plan involves damning the lakes, levelling Scafell Pike, etc etc, and building a huge dyke around the county before letting the North Atlantic rush in?  Flooding the county further seems a little unnecessary, given the “Act of God” (though one has to ask which one is intended by that phrase?) which has already done a pretty good job.  Still if you are in Cumberland or Westmoreland might I suggest starting to build an ark, and voting Tory? (I can’t believe I suggested the latter…)

My friend DC comes from Seaton near Cockermouth — I can’t see him being impressed by this latest government initiative. Or maybe Sky News intended to say “PM’s Pledge to Assist Cumbria, Devastated by Floods?” I assume the latter, but my reading was more interesting!

Best wishes to all Cumbrians struggling with the flood, and all News Editors struggling with the English language. 🙂

cj x

PS They have now an hour later changed the headline to “PM’s £1m Pledge To Help Flood-Hit Cumbria”

Shame the former version was more interesting, while significantly less accurate!


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2 Responses to PM’s Pledge To Flood Devastated Cumbria

  1. Steve says:

    My uncle and aunt live a few miles outside of Cockermouth in Embleton, halfway up the side of a fell. I think they’ll be OK, unless their beck has overflowed.

  2. flamingo says:

    This made me laugh out loud, which is always good. I wrote an article in a similar vein on silly headlines – hope you’ll read it – it’s called “Typhoon sweeps through cemetery – hundreds dead!” and I had a very amusing half an hour or so perusing websites with lists of ridiculous headlines like “Something went wrong in jet crash, experts say”.

    Anyway, thanks for a giggle!

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