I get banned from Dawkin’s forum. Netdrama!

Oh dear! I have for the last few months been pursued by a small but incredibly tedious group of three or four fundie atheists  around the Richarddawkins forum. Today I find that I am again warned, and this time banned. Not in itself a big issue – I probably deserved it, and it’s only for a week — but the issue is that the parties responsible seem to once again remain unwarned and completely free to continue their harassment.

The bigger issue is that in a website dedicated to Reason and Science no rule exists to forbid ad hominem attacks. Personal insults are banned (yet are employed extensively – the intelligent and astute poster Tim O Neil throws insults that make me cringe, and regularly tells people to F*** off –   but my use of gentler terms to rebuke those who keep harassing me, including the F*** off  result in formal warnings.

The rules preclude civilized behaviour by allowing one to cry “tactics” — I could explain, but basically the posters in question endlessly accuse me of everything under the sun, and keep diverting from the actual arguments, even blatantly lying about what I have said on occasion..   I must say that there seems little point in trying to engage in any kind of constructive dialogue on the site anymore. This is a real shame.

Now I’m not saying that the mods are bad – most are pretty excellent – but there is a definite bias towards some parties as with any forum (and to be fair they are often biased in my favour), but the continued harassment of those with any kind of opposing viewpoint by a handful of dogmatic fundamentalist atheists is allowed to continue – but then again it mirrors Dawkins own polemical style of ridiculing those who disagree with him, not one of his more attractive attributes. I think at the moment however I prefer Dawkins to his forum.

Last year a substantial group of the RD.net community left when Richard Dawkins suddenly imposed new community standards, removing some of the the more risque content, and they went off to pursue freedom from censorship at Thinking Aloud. I guess i might join them, but to be honest I will probably stay with the JREF, woo about Nazareth being more tolerable than personal abuse and constant harassment by a handful of morons.

99.999% of the posters on RichardDawkins.net remain fine fellows, as do all but one mod in my opinion – they are  not shamefully partisan or just incompetent like this chap; but despite my oft voiced claim that Christians can post on RD.net freely and express their opinions and intelligently debate without harassment, and are not mistreated, and that the site is in no way a haven of rabid fundie loonies pursuing a dogmatic line — well I was wrong. The vast majority are not like that, but the tiny minority who are allowed to conduct personal harassment can poison the place. Grahbudd has left already, and I think others too – and after the debate is over I am planning to. For now I can only say what a terrible shame – and what a pity the place is associated with Richard Dawkins name, assuming he objects to ad hominem, personal insults and harassment and actually believes in reason, education and dialogue?

Ah well. The interweb is serious business.  It’s hardly worthy of Encyclopedia Dramatica – that spat is still to come. 🙂 I’m preparing for it though! Fortunately working in the media gives one rather more options than just being irritated, and my vindication in terms of the ongoing actual debate at least in the eyes of the public may not be too far off now. 🙂 I am working on a History of Science project which will not please this bunch, as it’s  a full blown assault on the conflict myth, and hopefully it will prove very influential, so we will see, but for now, I am miffed!

cj x

About Chris Jensen Romer

I am a profoundly dull, tedious and irritable individual. I have no friends apart from two equally ill mannered cats, and a lunatic kitten. I am a ghosthunter by profession, and professional cat herder. I write stuff and do TV things and play games. It's better than being real I find.
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7 Responses to I get banned from Dawkin’s forum. Netdrama!

  1. The Chiggler says:

    No, you were the one who made the ad hominem attacks and you were banned. A substantial number of the RD.Net did not leave last year and Grahbudd is still an active poster. You lied on the forums and you continue to lie now. You remain a whiny god botherer who will never accept that the assertions he pulled from his arse were properly treated with contempt and derision and who received an intellectual spanking every time he posted on the forums.

    Writing a History of Science? Pffft , you would have to get an education first.

  2. Chris Jensen Romer says:

    Chiggler, you are clearly too hot. Take a shower. My public record of 7,000 posting stands, and people can check facts for themselves. Grahbudd has indeed now returned to the forum, and I was indded banned for making ad hominems against a few morons – as I said. Now run away and get some professional help as you clearly are deluded or unable to read. 🙂 I have not lied, and your impudence in suggesting I have merely reflects your own deeply troubled persona I guess.

    cj x

  3. Chris Jensen Romer says:

    Ad incidentally a substantial number did leave RD.net after the incident I refer to – if by substantial we mean in excess of 100 posters. Perhaps your definition varies, as you seem to have a casual disregard for truth or factual veracity? You can confirm this fact for yourself by heading over to the rather fun forum that was founded by the exiles at http://www.thinkingaloudforum.com/forum/index.php

    You really should check your facts you know!

    cj x

    • The Chiggler says:

      I like the appeal to authority, shame it’s your own authority your appealing to. But it’s nice to see you can still do a nice a nice turn in logical fallacy. It’s par for your course that you still cling to the old lie that your banning was somehow not your fault, everyone but you was guilty of malfeasance,and you were driven to offend. I particularly enjoyed reading your continued complaints against dogmatism. Kettle- Pot – Black. Even more amusing is your claim that a substantial number left RD.net for the more congenial climes of thinkingaloud. I think you really meant to write that a substantial number of current RD.net members also post on thinkingaloud?
      Curiouser and curiouser, I’m not that Chiggler. But then you were always ready to jump to a wrong conclusion or a logical fallacy.

      • Chris Jensen Romer says:

        There are two people on RD.net called The Chiggler? My apologies. It seemed a vanishingly remote possibility. What do you post as then? 🙂 Thinking Aloud has 300 members – and in the early day there was a poll, and about a third no longer posted on RD.net – hence my figure of 100. See simple really isn’t it? 🙂

        No one was driven to offend – read my post again. And then read RD.net rules. Ad homs are legal there – my complaint – insults are not. Of course my being banned was my fault – I say as much “– I probably deserved it, and it’s only for a week”

        As to appeal to authority – nope, an appeal to the written record. RD.net has an archive of 7,000 posts of mine, and you are welcome to read them. You may want to start with the post parties, where you can see that your gross misrepresentation of me was just that — well in the eyes of a large number of posters.

        I don’t give a hoot if you want to be an atheist, New Atheist or god forbid New Labour – none of my business and may your Gods go with you as Dave Allen said – but I do object to misrepresentations of fact.

        So if you are not the Chiggler which RD.net vet are you? Nice to meet you btw, and always good to meet people from the forums on here. 🙂

        cj x

  4. Chris Jensen Romer says:

    Curiouser and curiouser – Chiggler was an active member of RD.net for two months, and posted a total of 6 (SIX) times! Might explain why he seems rather confused about matters of record anyone can check. 🙂 Still, sorry if i was a bit rude in my reply Chiggler – too bloody hot. But you are clearly and verifiably wrong. :)Have you confused me with Beamishboy?

    cj x

  5. New Here – Wanted to Introduce Myself
    Chris Wodja
    Christopher Wodja

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