2000 hits on the blog: I’m quite pleased!

I noticed at 2pm today there were exactly 2000 hits on the blog. Now of course the blog has existed well over a year – but until the last week in February I never actually wrote anything, so that is two thousand hits in just over  a month, with about 90 visits a day (the software ignores my views). This is really great – I strongly suspected I would bore everyone to death, but clearly some people read my ramblings. It is quite noticeable that while I have ranged over many of my favourite issues, philosophy, science, the paranormal, scepticism, epistemology, history, archaeology, being old fat and bald — I have so far wrtitten nothing much on my great passion roleplaying games, beyond briefly mentioning a convention in Fun Forthcoming Events. Its worth clicking on category that from time to time — I may have a strange idea of what is fun, but honestly, I only advertise things I think you might enjoy. Anyway, I will certainly be writing more on LARP, Freeforming and tabletop rpg in the future – to be honest I don’t write much about computer games either, but Fallout 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV take up a lot of my time. Hell I even watched 24 hour Party People last night – I can relate to the late Tony Wilson in some ways, as a few of you might guess – but I don’t blog about films either.

Still, on things I do write about – some people seem to like it. The search terms I see listed for what brought people here to the blog are fairly funny at times. There seems it be a massive industry in stalking Anna Richardson, given the number of people googling her, and some of the search terms  – sadly I can’t see who is googling it, only the search terms!  Also really popular is questions about clothes she wore or certain episodes of Supersize versus Superskinny. Well for all you Anna Richardson fans out there, some news – she has a website — http://www.annarichardson.co.uk/home.html – and yes I have met her a couple of times maybe a decade ago, maybe a bit less, in TVland, and yes she was very nice. And no I don’t know any of the answers to things people keep googling about her!

What else do people google for? Lord Kelvin seems very common – maybe I shall write a page on him sometime, and the odd technical term like epistemology, falsification, etc crop up. A huge rash of hits were people looking for The Science of Ghosts event at Edinburgh Science Festival I mentioned, http://www.scienceofghosts.com/ – rather less for the UK Sceptics conference though.  The Jesus Myth, darwin and “bronze age myth” crop up a lot. My all time favourite however, andI hope the picture of me in a pink beret really helped this poor individual, was whoever googled and found theirway here looking for the search term “photos of fat ghosthunters.” That really is a fetish I have never seen before, but hey, maybe now I am someones pin up?


Anyway time is short, and I need to prepare food before heading out.  It’s lovely to se epeople who know me from all over the net, and very different communities, reading and commenting on my rants, ramblkings and occasional raves, and I d o eventually reply to every comment, though it sometimes takes a week. If you have read this far do comment and say hullo ,and introduce yourself to the other regulars, for there seem to be a small band of regular commenters.  Clearly my prose lacks that Necronomicon edge I was hoping for.


Also, if you have a blog or livejournal or similar, do let me know the address if you would like me to link – or email me if you want it to be a secret.

OK, last thing – why is the blog Jerome23?  Chris Jerome was the name Chaosium published the Parapsychologist’s Handbook monograph under – I think it just fitted better on the cover – and as it is just an abbreviation, a contracted form of my actual name I use it as a pen name. Some of my other rpg writing was under the name CJ Falster, because the editot got the wrong idea from my email address – and there are at least two other pen names out there which I have written under,  asnd a couple of variants used in TV, aminly because whoever did the credits could not spell my name  or did not check! Jerome is the name I use on a number of forums – but I use cj.23 more than anything as many of you will know. Anyway, what’s in a name? I have not mentioned on some of the communitiesI post on I have a blog yet – probably won’t actually – but it is nice to see how many people have made their way here anyway! 🙂

Right, time to go…. and sincere thanks for reading!

cj x


About Chris Jensen Romer

I am a profoundly dull, tedious and irritable individual. I have no friends apart from two equally ill mannered cats, and a lunatic kitten. I am a ghosthunter by profession, and professional cat herder. I write stuff and do TV things and play games. It's better than being real I find.
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1 Response to 2000 hits on the blog: I’m quite pleased!

  1. David says:

    Always a pleasure, CJ.
    We must go for that curry sometime!


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