Grand Tribunal 2009: Medieval magicians gather in Cambridge! 31st July-2 August 2009

Constitution is a roleplaying, science fiction, fantasy and filk convention

Constitution is a roleplaying, science fiction, fantasy and filk convention

Grand Tribunal 2009, part of Constitution

Grand Tribunal 2009, part of Constitution

Those of you who know me well know I write for Atlas Games’ wonderful tabletop roleplaying game of medieval magic, Ars Magica, and that for the last two years I have organized and hosted the first convention, Grand Tribunal 2007 and 2008 attracting fans of the game from as far afield as California and Japan, as well as European fans from Germany, France and Norway.   Last year we had an American version run by the excellent Erik Dahl. Well we are doing it again!

This year GT is part of a larger convention — “Constitution is a roleplaying, science fiction, fantasy and filk convention run by the fans responsible for Recombination, to be held at New Hall, Cambridge on 31st July-2 August 2009.”

Among other things Constitution is the 2009 British Roleplaying Society convention, Unicon 23, Harmuni 4 and the 2009 Ars Magica Grand Tribunal, bringing you roleplaying, science fiction and fantasy, and filk!”

Yes I had to look filk up as well! 🙂 For those who know Kevin Sides, it’s the kind of folk loves SF or contemporary folk he loves – the name Voltaire springs to mind, anyway wiki tells us — Filk is a musical culture, genre, and community tied to science fiction/fantasy fandom. The genre has been active since the early 1950s, and played primarily since the mid-1970s.

More on Filk here .

Anyway I’ll be there talking about Ars Magica, running Ars Magica games and possibly another one of my “freeform live action” games where you can dress up and be a wizard solving a mystery in the finest in ubergeekery. A large number of freeform games (the dress up and play a character in a murder mystery sort of thing) and table top games ( a bit like Dungeons and Dragons,. only not Dungeons and Dragons – well I’m sure there will be some D&D games going on) and many other events are scheduled, so do consider coming along for  a truly different weekend! If you have never done this sort of thing before I will be delighted to help out and act as your guide, and if you don’t enjoy it show you the shops and pubs of Cambridge.   So even if you have no idea what I am on about, why not consider coming and seeing the strange world of conventions for yourself?  For more details click on the banners above.

Hope to see you there!

cj x

Grand Tribunal is held by kind permission of Atlas Games. “Grand Tribunal” and the “Grand Tribunal” logo are trademarks of Trident, Inc. d/b/a Atlas Games, used with permission. Grand Tribunal is Atlas Games excellent board game of magic!

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I am a profoundly dull, tedious and irritable individual. I have no friends apart from two equally ill mannered cats, and a lunatic kitten. I am a ghosthunter by profession, and professional cat herder. I write stuff and do TV things and play games. It's better than being real I find.
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2 Responses to Grand Tribunal 2009: Medieval magicians gather in Cambridge! 31st July-2 August 2009

  1. David says:

    I’ve been listening to folk and ethnic music for years, and this is the first rime I’ve ever really explored ‘filk’! It sounds interesting and I’d like to hear some examples.
    I’m a funny bugger, in that I love fantasy fiction of the ‘Tolkienesque’ genre, but I loath science-fiction! To me the 2 genres are quite seperate, although I know most people who are fans of one are usually fans of the other. Mind you, Tolkien himself disliked SF as well!
    I used to play D&D a lot when I was a teenager, but kind of drifted out of it.
    I hope it all goes well for you in Cambridge!

  2. Chris says:

    Why don’t you come DCG? You might have a good time? 🙂

    cj x

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